Sofia longs for her friends and opts to host a garden tea party, extending an invitation to them. She desires to create mouthwatering cupcakes and an exquisite fruit platter that her friends can savor. Could you assist Sofia in preparing these delectable treats? The tea event necessitates tasteful attire and adornments. Following the food preparation, kindly help Sofia coordinate stunning apparel with suitable accessories. Enjoy!
Sofia longs for the company of her friends, thus she makes plans of hosting a garden tea party and extends an invitation to them. She desires to whip up mouth-watering cupcakes and present an enticing fruit platter for their palates to relish. Would you be willing to assist Sofia in preparing these delectable treats? It is crucial that guests dress fashionably with appropriate accessories when attending this event. Following the culinary activities, please aid Sofia in selecting a stunning ensemble. Enjoy yourselves!

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