Jack has organized a romantic beach date and Hannah cannot wait for the evening. She seeks your expertise in styling to look fabulous tonight. Join forces with her best friend Jessica to provide amazing makeovers, vivid hairstyles, and breathtaking outfits. Partake in a new beauty makeover adventure by obtaining the latest summer crush game for girls, style and design, as you join an enthralling high school love story. Play now to discover if Hannah will receive a kiss from Jack at the end of their romantic beach date!
Jack, Hannah's boyfriend, has arranged for a romantic evening at the beach. To appear stunning on this occasion, Hannah seeks your expertise in styling. Turn into part of her makeover team along with Jessica, her closest friend and come up with beautiful makeovers that include vibrant hairstyles and amazing outfits. Experience fresh beauty makeover adventures via the latest summer crush game for young ladies and be part of an exciting high school love story. Begin playing now to see if a kiss concludes Jack & Hannah's romantic date!

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