Connect three gems in "Gem Shoot," a unique version of the popular match 3 game genre. Unlike traditional match 3 games, you have no direct control over the arrangement of your gems; instead, there is one gem located at the bottom and you must choose which path to shoot it from. When three or more linked gems are eliminated by shooting them together, they are cleared from play. Combining more than three gems will create a new type of special gem that can be used for additional bonuses! This hybrid game combines elements of both match 3 and bubble shooter gameplay styles to create an exciting new experience.
Connect a set of three gems in "Gem Shoot," which is a unique form of match 3 game. Unlike its counterparts, the player is unable to move jewels around freely. Rather, a gem lies at the base and players must select one path on which to launch it. When three or more connected gems are matched, they will disappear. If more than three are joined together, then a new special type of jewel shapes from them. This merges elements of both bubble shoot and traditional match 3 games resulting in an entirely fresh experience for players to enjoy.

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