character with improved weapons and armor to enhance your attack/damage and defense. As you explore dungeons, eliminate skeletons, zombies, and other monsters to earn experience points, occasionally gaining items from defeated enemies. Choose between the sorcerer, archer or warrior classes in this action-packed RPG adventure reminiscent of Diablo.
character with stronger weapons and armor to improve their attack/damage and defense. As you explore different dungeons, you will encounter a variety of monsters including skeletons, zombies, and other creatures that will provide experience points upon defeat. You can also obtain items by defeating your enemies on occasion. With level-ups come opportunities to enhance your various attributes such as strength, dexterity, intelligence, vitality as well as spells. The game features three playable classes- sorcerer, archer or warrior in this adventure RPG akin to Diablo-style gameplay.

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Pour déplacer votre personnage et attaquer, utilisez le bouton gauche de la souris.

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