ultimate fashion and makeup looks, and capture the moments on Stylegram at fancy parties. With this fashionable game about a makeover story, you can showcase your talents as a stylist and make-up artist. You've realized that with your shopping and beauty skills, you can become a successful stylist whom everyone seeks out for their makeovers. So, let's see how creative you can get! Give your clients glamorous looks that they will love.
perfect fashion and make-up look in this exciting narrative game, featuring a new top-notch stylist. You don't want to miss the opportunity to shine! Attend glamorous events where you can showcase your skills and take pictures for Stylegram. With this makeover game, you'll be able to demonstrate your exceptional sense of style and application of make-up techniques. Being a skilled stylist is your key to success as it allows you to monetize your passion for beauty and shopping. It's time for others to seek out your services, so let's get started on creating stunning looks that will leave them in awe!

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