Assist Mira in enhancing her appearance by removing the dark circles around her eyes, achieving a uniform tone on her face and grooming her eyebrows neatly. Select an adorable hairstyle along with matching accessories for added charm. Finally, choose between a vibrant traditional or contemporary ensemble to complete the look of our protagonist.
Aidez Mira à se préparer. Effacez les cernes sous ses yeux, uniformisez la couleur de son visage et alignez ses sourcils. Choisissez une coiffure mignonne ainsi que des accessoires assortis. Sélectionnez ensuite une tenue traditionnelle ou moderne pour Mira qui mettra en valeur son charme.

Comment jouer

screens can transport us to a Latin American country where we assist a young protagonist in resolving her appearance issues and selecting a striking and unforgettable style. The method of interaction varies based on the particular device employed, be it a computer mouse or touch screen tapping.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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