This game offers a vast selection of outfits, exceeding those found in any other cosplay or fashion simulator. Embrace your inner fashionista and become an image-maker for celebrities, supermodels, and socialites on the red carpet. Immerse yourself in the world of hauler videos on YouTube and envision yourself as a famous Hollywood or Broadway actor/actress with millions of fans eagerly anticipating your latest haul. Take it a step further by becoming the most stunning woman worldwide, marrying a millionaire to further increase your level of fame.
This game offers an extensive selection of outfits, surpassing what other cosplay or fashion simulators provide. You can take on the role of an outfit designer/image-maker for notable individuals such as famous actors, celebrities, supermodels, and glamorous socialites to prepare them for their red carpet appearances. By embracing your inner fashionista today and exploring your passion for hauler videos on YouTube, you can step into the shoes of a Hollywood or Broadway star with millions of fans eagerly anticipating your latest haul. Additionally, you have the opportunity to become the most beautiful woman worldwide and marry a millionaire to enhance your stardom even further.

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