By greeting the past, you can enjoy various World War II elements like soldiers, firearms, tanks, and aircraft. Numerous extraordinary effects have been prepared for you to share with friends worldwide. In addition, there are two superior weapons from World War III and a pair of immense tanks at your disposal to launch projectiles and bullets in combat against foes. You'll find the explosions awe-inspiring while the models portraying German and American troops showcase remarkable precision. Wishing you an enjoyable time!
By embracing the past, an enjoyable experience awaits you with a variety of assets from World War II such as troops, guns, tanks and planes. Alongside friends worldwide, numerous special effects are available for your enjoyment. In particular, two top-notch weapons and heavy tanks from this era are present to launch projectiles and bullets at foes. You'll witness remarkable explosions illuminating both German and US troops that have been crafted with exceptional quality. We hope you have an excellent time!

Comment jouer

WASD controls the movement of both the tank and character, while using the mouse to look around and shoot. Scrolling changes weapon type, with access to a menu through pressing Tab.

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