"Who Is Who?" is a delightful puzzle game that presents players with more than one hundred scenarios, requiring them to use unconventional methods to solve them. The game includes both multiple-choice situations like "Who is the impostor?" and puzzling quests where you must locate hidden objects, among other things. Each level introduces new challenges, ensuring that you are never bored. If you get stuck or can't complete a level, don't worry: hints are available as well as the option to skip it entirely. Get prepared for an exciting time tackling tough brain teasers!
"Who Is Who?" is an exciting puzzle game that presents more than a hundred scenarios requiring creative problem-solving skills. Various scenarios include "Who is the impostor?", in addition to riddles involving locating hidden objects and much further. With each level, you can anticipate something new to maintain your engagement. If required, you may employ hints or progress ahead of levels. Get ready for some challenging puzzles!

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La gestion dans le jeu Qui est Qui sur un ordinateur se fait avec la souris et sur un téléphone portable ou une tablette grâce aux mouvements de balayage.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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