gangster or grand theft gangster to penetrate their operations and emerge as the ultimate criminal mastermind. In Gangster Mafia City, you'll need to recruit a diverse range of talented individuals from across the underworld – from thieves and mercenaries to athletes and businessmen – in order to strengthen your ranks. Engage in battles for dominance against other gangs, with the ultimate goal of taking over the entire city. As one of the premier grand gangster simulator action shooting games available, only true gangsters can rise to the top amidst such intense competition!
and enter the underworld society to gather a diverse crew of skilled individuals, including thieves, mercenaries, athletes and businessmen. Strengthen your team as you fight for dominance and rise to become the criminal mastermind who will rule over the entire underworld! Play Gangster Mafia City, the ultimate grand gangster simulator action shooting game where you can take on American gangsters and grand theft gangsters threatening Mafia City. By infiltrating their ranks undercover as one of them, only a true gangster has what it takes to go head-to-head with these ruthless criminals!

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