Candy Sweet Sugar, an exciting new puzzle game that involves connecting three items, will take you on a tantalizing journey through the vibrant and delicious Candy Kingdom. Blast any combination of candies with similar colors to progress! In this delectable world, players will encounter various flavors such as honey, iced treats, gummy bears, sumptuous cupcakes and chocolate cookies; which one is your preferred? Play your way through each level by completing challenging objectives including breaking ice blocks and other sweet desserts. Save the gummy bear or collect candy canes to uncover cute obstacles that make this game so compulsive.
Candy Sweet Sugar is an exciting new connect 3 puzzle game that will transport you to a delightful candy kingdom bursting with color and flavor! Simply match three or more same-colored candies to score big. Delicious treats like ice, honey, cupcakes, cookies, and gummy bears await you in this sugary world - which do you prefer? Each level presents a different culinary challenge: melt the ice, smash the cakes and cookies, release the trapped candies, rescue the gummy bear, and gather all of the candy canes. With its lively pace and charming impediments/obstacles (not to mention adorable graphics), Candy Sweet Sugar is sure to become your latest addiction!

Comment jouer

Enchaînez 3 bonbons ou plus de la même couleur pour faire exploser des douceurs lorsque vous relâcherez votre doigt. Si vous arrivez à en aligner plus de 7, vous aurez droit à une puissante explosion grâce au bâtonnet sucré. Pour progresser dans le jeu, cassez les cookies ou cupcakes qui bloquent la route.

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