and their friends, each with unique abilities and strengths.

Bus Rush is a captivating Android running game that comes at no cost. The City edition is specifically designed to take you on an exciting journey full of peculiar experiences. Your objective is to evade collisions with moving trucks, buses, subway trains by leaping or sliding and shifting from left to right. Running through congested areas like the beach, woodland, and subway will help you gather as many coins as possible. With ten unique characters available for selection in this thrilling runner game, playing will be an absolute delight. Roy, Zoey alongside other friends are waiting for you to surf the busiest city globally while exploiting their distinctive powers and robustness.
or any of the other characters while facing a series of unusual situations in Bus Rush, an exciting Android running game that is completely free. In this game, players must use their skills to jump or slide and move left or right while avoiding collisions with various vehicles like trucks, buses, and subway trains. Running through crowded areas like the city, subway stations, forests, and beaches will allow you to collect as many coins as possible. Choose from ten different characters for a unique experience each time you play! Experience the thrill of surfing through the world's busiest metropolis alongside Roy or Zoey - the possibilities are endless in Bus Rush!

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Faites glisser la souris ou touchez l'écran pour contrôler le joueur.

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