Stat Stealer is a leisure game centered on a slimy character capable of assimilating other creatures' abilities. As you battle various enemies, their stats become yours once you emerge victorious. Enhance your slime's prowess by boosting its level and equipping it with gear. Progress to the ultimate level and relish in an enjoyable experience!
Stat Stealer is a game where you control a slime that has the power to absorb stats from other creatures. By defeating different mobs, you can gain their abilities and increase your own strength. In addition, there are opportunities to level up, acquire equipment, and continue making your slime even more formidable. Enjoy maximizing your potential in this exciting idle game!

Comment jouer

Cliquez deux fois sur l'objet pour l'équiper ou l'absorber. Utilisation exclusive de la souris.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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