Squid Fall Guy is a thrilling and dynamic game that challenges players to escape from a perilous island. You can select your preferred character and demonstrate your abilities in maneuvering challenging obstacles. To succeed, you must be cautious and dodge potential hazards as you descend slowly towards the ground. With over 55 diverse levels, you can enhance your skills while having fun. Enjoy the game!
Squid Fall Guy is an exhilarating and dynamic game of dexterity perfect for those seeking a fresh approach to fleeing the island. Select your character and put your abilities on display as you endeavor to escape the ominous confines of the gaming environment. Take heed, navigating obstacles successfully is imperative if said character hopes to make it safely down. Enhance your acumen by reveling in over 55 varying level designs. Enjoy yourself!

Comment jouer

En utilisant le bouton gauche de la souris ou en touchant l'écran, ouvrez la barre de personnage et tâchez d'atterrir sur le sol de manière équilibrée.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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