The latest addition to our gaming selection, Squeezed Orange, involves the preparation of refreshing cold juice. The game interface consists of a playing field that displays an empty glass at its center and an orange slice hovering above it. Using your mouse, you are required to click on the slice and maintain pressure while the juice trickles into the glass. Releasing your hold brings an end to this task, helping avoid overflows. Successful completion rewards you with points and moves you up a level in the game.
In the recently developed game, Squeezed Orange, your task is to prepare a refreshing serving of cold juice. The screen displays a central playing field with an empty glass positioned at its center. Suspended above the glass, you will find a slice of orange situated at a particular height. By utilizing your mouse, you only need to click and hold onto the orange slice for the juice to begin pouring into the glass accurately. Releasing your click promptly will prevent overflowing any excess liquid. Once you fill up the cup with freshly squeezed juice, points are awarded accordingly while transitioning towards subsequent levels in this exciting game!

Comment jouer

"Please operate the computer by either clicking with your mouse or tapping on the screen."

"Manipulez l'ordinateur en cliquant avec la souris ou en tapant sur l'écran."

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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