Squad Tower is a Math video game suitable for both Kids and Adults, which can be played online for free. As you progress through the levels, your task will be to battle enemies in the correct order, ensuring that your numerical value is higher than theirs during each fight. You'll have plenty of opportunities to gather coins along the way by opening treasure chests. Be prepared for an increasing number of opponents as you reach higher levels! Join us in this epic tower battle today!
Rephrase: Squad Tower is an online game that focuses on tower battles involving math. This game is suitable for both kids and adults, and it comes at no cost. Your objective is to move through various levels while fighting enemies in a specific order to ensure higher numerical values than your opponents. As you proceed with the battle, there will be treasure chests that open up giving you access to numerous coins. With each level, your battle becomes tougher as more enemies join in the fight. Join us now and become part of this epic battle adventure!

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