Harness all your skills to FIGHT for survival in this non-stop, open-world racing game. Get behind the wheel of your specially customized vehicle and maneuver through a deserted post-apocalyptic landscape while defending yourself against scavengers on motorized vehicles who are after one thing: Your fuel and flesh! Can you handle the pressure? The game features intense battles with various enemies like spiked buggies, armored flame-throwers, tank-cars, war rigs and more! Utilize high lines...
In this intense, never-ending arcade-style racing game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, there's no escaping the motorized oil-cultist scavengers who are after your fuel and even your flesh. You must fight for your life behind the wheel of your customized vehicle as you navigate through ruined landscapes. To succeed, you'll need to fend off spiked buggies, flame-throwing armored vehicles, war rigs and other deadly machines that swarm around you. There is only one way to come out alive: be mad enough to survive! The game features free-roaming action with high-speed lines and heart-pounding thrills at every turn.

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