Poppy Playtime Hidden Ghosts is an enjoyable online game that requires both skill and perception. Your goal is to locate the secret phantoms that are cleverly hidden within specific images throughout a total of eight levels. You must be quick, as time constraints are in place, so find all 10 of these ghosts before it runs out! However, be careful where you click because multiple wrong guesses will cost you extra seconds on the clock. Let's start playing and enjoy ourselves!
Poppy Playtime Hidden Ghosts is an entertaining game that involves both skill and finding hidden objects online. The objective is to locate 10 ghosts in each of the 8 levels, which are specified images. Time is a factor here, so quickness matters if you want to find all the hidden objects before time expires. Beware that clicking on incorrect locations multiple times results in a loss of time by five seconds per click. If you're up for it, kickstart the game and enjoy yourself!

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