Panda Legend is a puzzle game that's both casual and easy to play, with straightforward rules and brand-new gameplay. You'll put your brainpower to the test as you learn how to devise effective elimination strategies, upgrade your characters, and take charge of the battle. With the addition of a new challenge mode, you can immerse yourself in hours of fun without even realizing it!
Panda Legend is a laid-back puzzle game that boasts uncomplicated and comprehensible regulations. Its gameplay is fresh, stimulating your intellectual abilities by requiring you to grasp the elimination tactics while also allowing you to advance your characters. Thusly, you can become the commander of the battle. By providing an exciting new challenge mode, players can relish in the elation of eliminating patterns all whilst getting caught up subconsciously in its immersive atmosphere.

Comment jouer

1. Keep improving your characters and equipment to take advantage during battles; 2. Match three identical elements in a row to eliminate them; 3. Employ various tools to aid in achieving objectives; 4. Thoroughly examine the entire situation and become proficient in elimination tactics.

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