you go before running out of lives? Or try out our new modes, featuring different mazes and power-ups! Join the millions of fans worldwide who enjoy playing PAC-MAN on their mobile devices. We've given the game a fresh update to enhance your gaming experience - from the HUD layout to logic tweaks for smoother gameplay. Give it a try and let us know what you think! You can also play the original coin-op version in CLASSIC 8-BIT ARCADE MODE, see how far you can get without losing all your lives.
you go gobbling up PAC-DOTS and avoiding the GHOSTS? Or, try out our newer modes with new mazes, power-ups, and exciting features! With millions of devoted followers reliving their childhood memories in this timeless classic game, you don't have to be left behind. The updated mobile version now sports a refreshed look & feel throughout the entire game interface - from HUD layouts to main screens to store collections; we've also made gameplay more streamlined for an intuitive gaming experience. Give it a try today! See how long you can last in the original 8-bit arcade mode.

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