Otaho Bird is a 2D game featuring a feathered protagonist tasked with collecting all slices of bread in its path. Along the way, it must evade other avian foes and various hazards such as rotating blades and fire pits. The ultimate goal is to reach the Exit nest to advance through each of the eight increasingly challenging levels.
Otaho Bird is a platform game where you assume the role of a bird tasked with gathering bread slices. However, your journey will be fraught with danger as you contend with hostile avian foes, spinning blades, and raging infernos while aiming to reach the Exit nest in each level. The game spans eight stages gradually escalating in difficulty as you advance.

Comment jouer

Pour déplacer le joueur, utilisez les touches WASD ou les flèches directionnelles. Effectuez un double saut en appuyant deux fois sur la touche W ou sur la flèche directionnelle haut.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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