Would you like to take your off-road truck on an adventure across continents and countries with the Offroad Masters Challenge game? Along the way, you'll have the opportunity to build a career with your vehicle, embark on free SUV driving adventures, or even engage in epic off-road vehicle crashes. You can customize your ride through engine or tire modifications. This adventure is available in both single player and two player modes. Let's get started!
Voulez-vous vivre une aventure en conduisant votre camion tout-terrain dans plusieurs continents, régions et pays avec le jeu Offroad Masters Challenge ? Pendant cette expédition, vous pouvez faire carrière avec votre véhicule tout-terrain ou participer à des aventures gratuites de conduite de SUV. Vous pouvez également tester la résistance de vos camions dans une immense arène dédiée aux accidents hors route ! Des améliorations moteur et pneumatiques seront disponibles pour personnaliser votre voiture. Rejoignez l'aventure en solo ou en duo et c'est parti !

Comment jouer

For the first player, use "WASD" or the arrow keys to move while controlling the camera with your mouse and left-click. To switch cameras, press "C." If needed, restart with "R" or toggle lights using "F." For two players, Player 1 should move using the arrow keys and switch camera views with "C," while resetting their car position by pressing "R" and turning on their headlights by hitting"F". Player 2 should also use the arrow keys for movement but will toggle view perspectives with "K," reset their own car's placement via key stroke to 'O,' and activate their vehicle's lights by tapping"L". Lastly, don't forget that you can pause gameplay at any time by pressing"P."

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