power of your ninja while enjoying the endless fun offered by Noob Ninja Guardian, the exciting new free game. Take on the role of a brave guardian ninja and defend your doyo against intruders trying to eliminate you. With each wave of enemies, control the direction of attack, collect coins for skill upgrades and evolve your power while immersing yourself in an action-packed gameplay that will keep you hooked.
abilities of your ninja, making yourself even stronger in the face of danger. Indulge yourself in this new free game - Noob Ninja Guardian; a thrilling and action-packed experience! You'll be able to take on the role of a determined guardian ninja whose sole purpose is to protect his doyo and fend off any intruders looking to defeat you. Embark on an endless journey fighting your way through various enemies who are trying their best to bring down each stone and conquer your territory. Your task is to keep watch over the direction in which the guardian attacks so that none of them can get past you. To further increase your strength against these foes, you have opportunities for collecting coins that upgrade skills and evolve abilities for an exciting gameplay experience like no other!

Comment jouer

Utilize the mouse's right-click function to launch an offensive attack against adversaries while simultaneously shifting your position. On mobile devices, tap on the screen to initiate an attack.

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