Lovely ladies and animals alike care about looking their best. Whether it's using makeup or visiting beauty salons, some creatures have a desire to enhance their appearance. As the manager of a nail salon, your duty is to provide excellent service for all clients. On this particular day, there's an exceptional request from an adorable little turtle who wants colorful nails. You'll begin by cleaning her nails before applying fake pieces in preparation for intricate designs and vibrant hues - only the finest options will do!
stunning accessories to match her new nails.

Gorgeous ladies and certain animals share a common trait in that they prioritize their appearance. While some creatures prefer cosmetology, such as visiting beauty or hair parlors, others fancy adorning themselves in makeup. As the manager of a nail salon, your objective is to provide every client with stunning nails. Today's distinguished patron is an adorable little turtle who seeks colorful claws. Your initial duty entails cleansing her nails followed by affixing artificial nail pieces adorned with breathtaking designs coated in vibrant hues finished off with an array of complementary accessories.

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