My Idol Dressup Diary is an adorable game that lets you design your own idol. Have you ever admired a celebrity's fashion sense or cute appearance? With this game, you can create your dream idol however you like - from their personality to their style. You get to play the role of their creative agent and decide on everything from outfits to decorations. This exciting experience offers numerous fashionable options for endless outfit combinations that are sure to excite and entertain any player! So why not invite some friends along for even more fun?
The Idol Dressup Diary is an adorable game where you have the opportunity to design your very own idol. Do you know any idols in real life? Perhaps their fashion sense or cute features catch your eye. With this game, you can create an idol that's both cool and attractive - it's entirely up to you! Not only can you customize your idol's appearance, but also what they wear. Essentially, it feels like being a talent agent! The excitement doesn't stop there – there are countless fashionable outfits and stylish decorations for you to choose from. Why not invite a friend over to play along with you?

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