is a key feature in this game, with physics that accurately depict the destruction caused by your monster truck. Take on 32 tracks, both dirt and snow-covered, across four championships in drag or freestyle mode. With over 60 licensed trucks available to choose from, including iconic names like BIGFOOT and USA-1, you can upgrade your engine exhaust, intake, suspension and transmission to remain competitive. Land crazy jumps and backflips while mastering your monster truck skills as you compete against others for the championship title. Experience realistic damage effects through real-time physics as your monstrous vehicle tackles each obstacle along the way.
is a key feature in this high-octane monster truck racing game. With physics that will blow your mind, you'll be able to witness total destruction as you compete on 32 dirt and snow covered tracks. Choose from over 60 licensed trucks including BIGFOOT and USA-1, and take part in drag or freestyle races across four championships. To really impress the crowds, perform insane jumps and backflips while mastering your chosen vehicle. Keep up with the competition by upgrading your engine exhaust, intake, suspension and transmission. And don't forget about the realistic real-time damage system – it's sure to add an extra level of excitement to this already thrilling game!

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Les claviers sont des périphériques d'ordinateur essentiels qui permettent aux utilisateurs de saisir du texte et de commander leur système. Ils comprennent une variété de touches pour les alphabets, symboles, chiffres et fonctions spéciales comme la touche "Enter" ou "Echap". Les claviers existent dans différents types et tailles pour répondre aux préférences personnelles ou à l'utilisation spécifique telle que le jeu ou la bureautique.


Keyboards are essential computer peripherals that allow users to enter text and control their system. They include a variety of keys for alphabets, symbols, numbers and special functions such as the "Enter" or "Escape" key. Keyboards come in different types and sizes to accommodate personal preferences or specific uses such as gaming or office work.

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