game is a charming platform adventure starring adorable fluffy bears. Each level requires collecting 3 keys to progress to the next, with 10 unique and increasingly challenging stages in total. Overcome obstacles, defeat foes, and gather those keys! Movement is controlled through arrow keys, while jumping can be enhanced by double tapping W. Our protagonist Melina resides in the forest until tragedy strikes when her diary gets stolen by a wicked wolf who snuck into her humble abode.
game boasts an adorable bear-themed platform adventure that requires players to collect keys in order to progress through each level. With 10 distinct and exhilarating levels, the player must be prepared to face increasingly difficult obstacles and enemies on their journey. By making use of arrow keys for movement and double-jumping with W, the player must help Melina, a kind-hearted bear living deep in the forest, recover her stolen diary from a sly wolf who invaded her home.

Comment jouer

Utilize the arrow keys for direction and tap the W key twice to execute a double jump.

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