Melina, a courageous individual, embarks on an exciting expedition through an enigmatic forest. Overcoming perilous challenges requires her to employ survival skills effectively. You can participate in the game by supporting Melina and striving for the highest score! The gameplay involves navigating Melina past obstacles using upward arrow keys and performing jumps or slides by pressing the down key for prolonged sliding action. Timely and swift reactions are critical to succeed in this adventure.
Melina, an audacious young lady, embarks on a thrilling expedition into an enigmatic woodland. Confronted with dangerous hindrances, she must employ her abilities to both survive and advance. Come join the game and aid Melina while vying for the top score! In gameplay, manoeuvre Melina through obstacles utilizing the upward arrow keys; jump or slide to evade barriers by holding down the down key for extended slides. Swift reflexes and accurate timing are crucial components.

Comment jouer

Utilisez la touche Haut pour faire sauter Melina, et maintenez la touche Bas pour lui faire glisser. Profitez bien et bonne chance !

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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