Infinity Golf is an uncomplicated golf game that allows you to challenge yourself. The gameplay involves navigating shot direction and power using just your mouse and its buttons. With practice, you'll soon be sinking holes in one! The game boasts several tracks with unique landscapes and obstacles for added fun. Strategizing your shots will help you get the ball in as few attempts as possible. Why not give it a go and showcase your unconventional golfing talents?
Infinity Golf is a straightforward game that allows you to challenge yourself. The controls are uncomplicated - simply use your mouse and its buttons to direct the shot's trajectory and power. Once you become familiar with the gameplay, achieving one-shot holes will be a breeze! Multiple tracks are available, each offering unique scenery and challenges. Take precise aim with your shots and aim for the fewest number of strokes possible. Grab your golf club and put your crazy mini-golf abilities to the test!

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Employ the mouse to target and discharge by manipulating the left button.

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