Hospital Stories: Doctor Basketball is a humorous game that lets you work at the infirmary of a basketball team and treat your teammates. If you've ever wished to be an eccentric doctor, then this game is perfect for you. It offers a series of comical mini-games which will challenge you to handle unconventional medical situations for both the team members and their family. Tasks include filling patients with ketchup, extracting axes, healing wounds, using candles on scars, squeezing pimples or hitting scars with sausages(?) and more. Can you complete all levels? The Hippocratic
Hospital Tales: In the humorous simulation game, Doctor Basketball, you take on the role of a physician in charge of treating members of a basketball team. This game offers an opportunity to fulfill your wildest dreams of becoming a zany doctor. As you play through each level, prepare yourself for absurd medical scenarios involving unique patients and their peculiar relatives. Among your duties are filling up patients with ketchup, getting rid of axes lodged in bodies, sewing up wounds, applying hot wax candles onto scars as well as squeezing pimples and hitting scars with sausages (?) - all while striving to complete every level successfully! The Hippocratic Oath awaits - can you uphold it?

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Interact with the patient by means of your mouse or finger, or employ any medical instruments.

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