The dental clinic in Hippo's office is currently bustling with activity as several animals have gathered together. Among them are a little pig, dog and lion, who usually do not appear at the same time. However, they all share one common issue - each of them has a toothache! They have sought out the assistance of little Hippo, whose schedule is quite full already. Therefore, she could really use your expertise as a skilled and professional dentist to help alleviate their discomfort. You can select whichever patient and surgical procedure appeals to you most. The little lion is especially eager for your assistance since he has not been brushing his teeth after consuming so much meat lately.
teeth, causing him to have a toothache. Meanwhile, Little pig has been munching on too much candy while the dog hasn't had regular dental cleanings resulting in tooth problems too. All three of them came together in Hippo's dental clinic seeking assistance for their common issue- a painful toothache. However, Hippo is overwhelmed with patients and desperately needs your assistance as an experienced dentist. Step in and select a patient you would like to help and begin the necessary surgery. The little lion is excitedly awaiting his turn as he has been neglectful of his teeth care by eating lots of meat without proper brushing.

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