Hand Or Money is an enjoyable game that offers the opportunity to make money. If you aspire to be a millionaire, all you have to do is put your hand between two sharp blades, grab the cash and withdraw quickly before the blades come down - otherwise, you'll lose both hands. Act fast, embrace challenge and invite others for even more fun! Who knows? You could soon fulfill your dream of becoming filthy rich!
Jeu de Main ou d'Argent is an enjoyable game that also allows for monetary gain. Are you interested in becoming a millionaire? All you have to do is place your hand between the sharp blades, swiftly take the money, and then remove your hand before the blades descend or risk losing both hands. Be prompt, seize the opportunity, confront your fears directly and maybe soon enough you'll be a millionaire! Don't forget to invite friends to play along with you!

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