a humorous way.

Goofy, the amusing animal cartoon figure, was brought to life in 1932 under the umbrella of Walt Disney Productions. Standing tall and being anthropomorphic, Goofy is a dog that typically adorns a turtle neck and vest paired with pants, shoes, white gloves and a rumpled fedora-esque hat. This character has gained immense popularity over time and is considered one of Disney's most identifiable figures. Although he's often portrayed as clumsily dimwitted which appears definitive; it isn't always necessarily so - on occasion Goofy showcased his intuition or cleverness but in a comical manner.
a less conventional manner than his friends. Despite this, Goofy remains beloved by fans of all ages and continues to be a staple in the world of animation more than 80 years after his creation at Walt Disney Productions as a funny-animal cartoon character distinguished for his unique style and personality traits.

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