Forest Boutique Little Tailor is a virtual game for children, where you can select various clothing designs and create your customer's preferred outfit. You will have to resize the fabric, sketch patterns and sew them together with great care. Before opening the tailor shop, transform charming assistants into stunning attire options. Ensure that the store is clean and tidy before welcoming customers so they can feel comfortable. Save your final work on your phone and share it with friends- as a master tailor!
Forest Boutique Little Tailor is a game for children that can be played online. It allows you to select from numerous clothing templates, craft your customers' desired clothes by cutting the fabric to size and designing patterns, as well as sewing them together. Prior to starting work at the tailor shop, transform cute clerks into various lovely outfits. Additionally, it is important to register and clean up initially so that clients feel more at ease while they are there. You can store your completed designs on your phone and share them with others; this will help reinforce your status as an accomplished artisan!

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