The FNF Character Test Playground mod was made by MadManToss for the FNF world. By using different character voices, you can produce your own melody. This is an opportunity to experience playing as one of Friday Night Funkin's adversaries if it has piqued your interest. Instead of facing off against anyone on stage, you can unwind and enjoy the extraordinary music that awaits in this new FNF mod. Select a tune and a character to portray, then get set to perform!
The FNF Character Test Playground, developed by MadManToss for the FNF world, is a mod that allows you to compose your own melody using voices from a variety of characters. If you've ever wondered what it's like to step into the shoes of one of Friday Night Funkin's opponents, this is your opportunity! Rather than competing onstage, this fresh FNF modification provides an opportunity for you to unwind and appreciate the spectacular music that awaits. Simply pick a song and character that appeals to you, then get ready for your performance.

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