Detto Man 2 is an adorable 2D platformer where the objective is to gather oranges and evade various obstacles such as foes, airborne creatures, spikes, and enormous blades until you reach the Exit door leading to the subsequent stage. There are eight levels in total that progressively heighten in complexity. This game serves as an extension of the initial "Detto Man" release.
Detto Man 2 is a lovable 2D platform game that involves the gathering of oranges while steering clear of foes, airborne animals, prongs, and colossal blades to ultimately reach the Exit door for advancement. It has eight exhilarating levels to conquer with an escalating challenge as you progress. The release of Detto Man 2 marks its sequel in the original "Detto Man" series.

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The player's movement can be controlled using either the WASD or Arrow keys. To execute a double jump, simply press the W or Up arrow key twice.

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