Cut Grass is a serene and charming game that allows you to experience the satisfaction of mowing lawns as well as solving puzzles. Embark on your journey as a skilled gardener and tend to the grass, shrubs, and flowers. With an array of challenging levels, players can enjoy simple swipe-to-move controls or keyboard controls using Arrow Keys or WSAD. The gameplay is effortless yet engaging, along with stunning visuals that are optimized for mobile devices. As you progress through the game, there are 17 distinct blades to unlock while completing up to 80 different levels!
Cut Grass is a delightful game that combines the challenges of mowing with the satisfaction of puzzle-solving. As a gardener, you'll be tasked with trimming shrubs and tending to your lawn, resulting in beautiful flowers. The game offers an array of levels that present unique puzzles for you to solve, ensuring hours of relaxed gameplay. You can easily navigate through the game using swipe-to-move controls or keyboard controls (Arrow Keys and WSAD Supported). Additionally, Cut Grass features stunning visuals and is optimized for mobile devices. Lastly, there are 17 blades available for unlocking as well as 80 different levels to keep you engaged indefinitely!

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Les contrôles de direction pour jouer à certains jeux incluent les touches WASD, les flèches et la souris.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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