Who can resist the deliciousness of cotton candy? You now have the chance to create your own sugary confection in this delightful game. With a selection of 12 delectable flavors and unique shapes, such as hearts or stars, you can customize your fluffy treat with toppings like chocolate, fruits, ribbons and other enticing decorations. If you prefer something crispy, give our chip-making game a try! Follow each step from harvesting to frying potatoes perfectly for that ultimate crunch. Season your chips according to your taste buds' preference with spices like pepper, salt or pizza seasoning.
Everybody loves cotton candy! Enjoy creating your own fluffy treats with this delightful game that offers a variety of 12 flavors and shapes, including hearts and stars. Customize them with chocolate, fruits, ribbons, and other toppings. For those who crave crispy indulgences instead of sweets, you can learn how to make chips too! Follow the instructions on harvesting, washing, peeling, slicing and frying potatoes to perfection. Add some flavor by seasoning your chips with pepper or salt or even pizza spice.

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