intrepid enough to take on the challenge of Clown Horror Nights are in for a spine-tingling experience that demands both patience and concentration. The circus is seeking a security guard for their night shift - could you be the one? As you embark on your new job at the circus, your main responsibility will be to ensure that everything runs smoothly throughout seven consecutive night shifts. However, things may soon take a grim turn as you encounter a wild and unpredictable clown who's lurking around every corner. Be warned: this is no ordinary game! You'll need to exercise extreme caution if you hope to make it through unscathed.
joining Clown Horror Nights must have a lot of patience and concentration. The Circus is currently seeking security guards for the night shift. Hey, Killer Clown, would you like to apply? Nothing could possibly go wrong, right? You'll simply wait until sunrise without letting your energy run low. Congratulations on your new job at the circus where you'll be working seven night shifts. Your task is to ensure that nothing unusual occurs during this time. However, it's only a matter of time before you encounter the manic clown in this horror game so beware and stay alert!

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Le petit animal qui ressemble à un rat et qui possède de grandes oreilles, une petite queue et des dents pointues - il s'agit du plus souvent de la souris domestique (Mus musculus) - est présent dans différents endroits du monde. Cependant, bien que les souris soient considérées comme nuisibles car elles peuvent transmettre des maladies ou causer des dommages aux biens matériels tels que les câbles électriques, elles ont également été utilisées en tant qu'animaux de laboratoire pour différentes expériences scientifiques.

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