so. As you progress through the levels, the game gets more challenging and exciting.

Captain Gold is a thrilling adventure-themed hyper-casual game that requires players to assist Captain in gathering gold and various stones. The protagonist is situated far from urban life and occupied with extracting valuable resources like rubies, diamonds, and gold from mines by breaking them with a hammer. You must aim hammers at the precious stones while they are on time to help collect them using his cart. Just tap the screen for action as you advance through increasingly difficult stages for an engaging experience.

Captain Gold is an adventure themed hyper-casual game that requires the player's assistance in collecting valuable resources like gold, diamonds, and rubies. The game character, Captain, is located outside of the city and tasked with extracting these precious elements from nearby mines. To complete this mission successfully, players must use a hammer to break stones found in the mine shafts and load them onto a cart for transport back to Captain's location. Players can help by accurately throwing hammers at targeted stones on time - simply tap on the screen!

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