Cake Master Shop is a humorous cooking game that teaches you the art of cake making. As an owner of a cake shop specializing in birthday cakes, your aim is to create flawless cakes tailored to your customer's preferences. Impress them by putting your own creative twist on the decorations and make their birthdays memorable with perfect cakes.
Cake Master Shop is a playful cooking game that teaches you the process of baking a cake. In this game, you own a special cake shop that caters to birthday celebrations. Your goal is to create flawless cakes and personalize them according to your preference. With your expertise, everyone can enjoy an unforgettable birthday experience!

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"Press a button or make a selection using your device through either tapping on the screen or clicking with a mouse." - First, identify the key elements: "pressing" and "making a selection" using two different methods- tapping and clicking. Then rephrase it as follows:

Effectuer une action avec votre appareil en appuyant sur un bouton ou en sélectionnant une option à l'aide du tactile de l'écran ou d'un clic de souris.

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