"Brokun 2" is an adorable 2D platformer where you take on the role of Brokun, a human tasked with gathering magical stones while dodging dangerous obstacles like evil demons, flying monsters, bullets, spikes, and even hellfire. In order to progress to the next level and ultimately reach your destination exit, you must collect all of the necessary items. With 8 levels that grow progressively more challenging as you advance through them, "Brokun 2" is a sequel to the original game by the same name. To control Brokun during gameplay movement use either "WASD" or "Arrow" keys; for double jumps press "W" or twice tap "Up."
In Brokun 2, a charming 2D platformer, the player assumes the role of Brokun - a human tasked with gathering all of the enchanted stones whilst avoiding fiendish creatures such as flying monsters and their dangerous projectiles. Players must also steer clear of hazardous obstacles like spikes and flames from hell to progress through each level and reach the exit door. With eight increasingly challenging levels to conquer, Brokun 2 is an exciting sequel in the "Brokun" series. To move your character around, simply use either your "WASD" or "Arrow" keys; tapping "W" or pressing up arrow twice will allow for double jumps.

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