"Boxes Wizard" is a 2D pixel art platform game where you portray a wizard carrying a wooden staff. Through teleportation and pushing boxes, you will explore increasingly testing levels filled with riddles and blockades. Create new paths by exchanging positions with boxes and solve puzzles. Every level in the game has been crafted carefully, offering an immersive adventure adorned in retro-inspired graphics. As you advance through the game's levels, challenges become more difficult to overcome; but let your magical powers and skills guide you towards victory!
Boxes Wizard is a game that invites you to become a wizard with a wooden staff. This 2D pixel art platformer provides exciting challenges and puzzles as you progress through increasingly complex levels. The tasks include teleportation and box-pushing, which require your skillful navigation in the ever more complicated puzzles and obstacles. To overcome these hurdles, you can swap places with boxes to open up new areas for exploration. Every level has been meticulously crafted to ensure maximum immersion into this retro-inspired world of Boxes Wizard! As you advance through the game, each challenge becomes even tougher than before - but don't worry because with your magical powers and skills at hand, victory will always be possible!

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