Barry has asked you to come to his compact living space for a particular reason. He harbors suspicions that he's being trailed, and it appears the person who is tailing him gained entry into his home while he was absent. Based on these events, our protagonist surmises there must be something intentionally concealed within his place of residence, prompting him to take action. Unveiling a plan, which will appear on your daily task list in the corner of the screen, Barry seeks out answers without raising suspicion or drawing attention from law enforcement personnel should caution be disregarded.
Barry has invited you to his compact apartment for a specific purpose. He suspects that an individual is stalking him and even trespassed into his home when he was out. After piecing everything together, Barry determined that something significant must be concealed inside his abode, prompting him to take action. With a plan already in place, it can be seen on the side of your screen where daily missions are located. These tasks should be completed without raising suspicions or making excessive noise; otherwise, law enforcement may become involved.

Comment jouer

Poursuivez avec l'ordre du jour et vous découvrirez bientôt le secret de Barry.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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