embark on an adventure across various terrains in this physics-based racing game. Your farm has been destroyed by a tornado, and you must collect its parts from different corners of the world to restore it. Engage in 3D racing within a blocky mining environment where you can customize your own car or select one from the nine available options! The car editor will be unlocked after completing track three. With twelve tracks to master and four challenge courses for testing your abilities, race against time in style with these cool vehicles including trucks, dune buggies, and more!
cars, and more - Customizable vehicle editor available after completing track 3 - Explore diverse terrain such as green hills, snowy mountains, and desert dunes in this physics-based racer. Your farm has been devastated by a destructive tornado, with pieces scattered around the world. To restore your farm to its former glory, you'll have to gather all the missing components! Challenge yourself against time trials on 12 different tracks using one of nine pre-built cars or designing your own block by block. This unique game is set in a mining world that's both 3D racing action-packed and featuring a distinctive BLOCKY STYLE. Test your abilities on four obstacle courses designed to push you beyond what you can handle!

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