Bakery Protection, an electrifying video game, challenges players to resist countless flesh-eating zombies who have a ravenous appetite for everything in their path - even the delightful goodies of your bakery! Your mission is to safeguard your establishment by employing various weapons and defenses against these undead assailants. This game occurs in a post-apocalyptic era where most people succumb to the virus and transform into zombies. As the lone remaining baker in town, it's imperative that you protect your bakery from harm come what may.
Bakery Protection is a thrilling online game that challenges players to fend off swarms of ravenous zombies hungry for everything in sight, including the scrumptious delights in your bakery. In this game, you're responsible for defending your bakery from these animated attackers using various weapons and defenses to keep them at bay. The post-apocalyptic world where the game unfolds has been ravaged by a virus that turned most people into voracious zombies. As the sole surviving baker in town, it's up to you to safeguard your bakery no matter what it takes!

Comment jouer

Pour vous déplacer, utilisez les touches WASD. Pour tirer, appuyez sur le bouton gauche de la souris (LMB) et pour viser, utilisez le bouton droit de la souris (RMB). Pour changer d'arme, faites tourner la molette de votre souris et si vous êtes à court de munitions, appuyez sur R pour recharger. Si besoin est, sautez en utilisant la touche espace et lancez des grenades avec G.

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