Fight against monstrous and savage beings from another dimension in epic clashes to protect your homeland. A swarm of these creatures have infiltrated Earth, slaughtering countless innocents. You are the last hope for your country. As the leader of a two-man squad of super soldiers, you possess the power to halt this invasion and bring an end to war. Though it will be a grueling battle, survival is crucial if you hope for victory. Equip your team with diverse weaponry such as guns, machine guns, bazookas and rifles to aid them on their mission towards triumph.
Take on epic battles to defend your country against invading monsters and savage creatures from another world. As the commander of a team consisting of two super soldiers, you hold the last hope for eliminating this dangerous threat. With various weapons at your disposal such as guns, machine guns, bazookas, and rifles, it's up to you to lead your team towards victory in this intense battle. Remember that survival is key no matter what happens - can you save Earth from destruction?

Comment jouer

Sélectionnez une arme et jouez intelligemment pour vaincre l'ennemi. Assurez-vous que les ennemis ne franchissent pas votre défense, sinon cela signifiera la fin de la vie sur terre.

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