Aquaform: Marinette and friends is an internet-based coloring book that features animated personalities from the show "Lady Bug and Cat Noir." These figures are depicted in a Chibi style, with enlarged heads and tails reminiscent of mermaids. You're given the option to select one among four characters to color, either digitally or by physical means if you print out black-and-white sketches.
Aquaform: Marinette and friends is a digital coloring book featuring characters from the popular cartoon "Lady Bug and Cat Noir" in Chibi style. The adorable characters have oversized heads and tails resembling mermaids. You can personalize your color choices with virtual pencils or print out a black and white page to use real ones for an interactive experience. Choose from four distinct characters to express your creativity.

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Utilize your computer's device for pointing and clicking to engage in the interactive experience.

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