Bug, an extraterrestrial insect hailing from another galaxy, landed on planet Earth and discovered a treacherous forest teeming with hazards. To progress through the game, players must escort Bug safely through this perilous terrain while avoiding various obstacles and adversaries. Successfully navigating the forest requires sharp reflexes and innovative strategies given the wide assortment of foes: buzz saws eagerly aiming to slice up poor Bug, cannonballs crashing down upon him, blood-sucking vampire bugs lurking in wait...the list goes on. But amidst all the danger are also delightful bonuses to advance Bug's journey as well as endearing music and animations that add charm to the experience.
Bug, an extraterrestrial bug hailing from a distant galaxy, landed on planet Earth and found himself surrounded by perilous hazards in a forest. The objective of the game is to assist Bug as he makes his way through this hazardous terrain while avoiding obstacles and foes along the path. Successfully navigating the arduous journey entails employing quick reflexes and resourcefulness. A plethora of adversaries - saw blades intent on carving up Bug, cannonballs aimed at obliterating him, blood-sucking vampire insects lurking about – stand in his way. Joyfully though, there are also bonuses that make progression smoother as well as melodious tunes and animated visuals for added entertainment value.

Comment jouer

Pour utiliser un dispositif mobile, appuyez simplement sur l'écran tactile ou utilisez la barre d'espace. Pour un ordinateur de bureau, cliquez avec le bouton gauche de la souris.

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