Aventuras da Capivara Medieval is an exhilarating game that involves endless running, allowing players to embody a valiant and mighty capybara venturing into the shadowy domains of the Middle Ages. Within this perilous environment, cunning strategies and exceptional abilities are paramount for navigating enemies, surmounting difficult barriers, and safeguarding oneself against potential threats.
Aventuras da Capivara Medieval is a thrilling endless running game, featuring the fearless and mighty capybara that navigates through the mysterious realms of the Dark Ages. In this perilous and unfriendly environment, your wits and unique abilities will be crucial to conquer foes, surpass obstacles and persevere against all odds.

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Move ahead by using the forward arrow and move in reverse with the back arrow. Leap up using the upward arrow key. Another option is to employ the left mouse button for jumping.

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